A Letter to Myself

from by Black Pills



It wasn't your fault
you didn't deserve it
i hope you know
that you are worth it

take my hand and walk with me
i know today is terrible
it will get better you will see
on the path to recovery

ignoring the abuse
hiding from the truth
you have your safety to lose
run away while you can
you're not where you're supposed to be
you can move on
you've known this all along

strong willed
strong minded
it wasn't your fault
don't you hide it

stay strong

When I was a young girl I witnessed myself and my mother
being beaten and abused I always blamed myself because I didn't know what to do
now I realize it wasn't my fault
I am not victim
I am a survivor
I will not be silenced

stand up
speak out
that's whats it's all about
dissolve the stigma
rip the blanket of silence
tear the blinders from your eyelids
stand up
speak out
that's what its all about
dissolve the stigma
stand up
speak out
stand up
speak out
dissolve the stigma


from Demo, released April 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Black Pills Vancouver, British Columbia



Keeleigh and Brett play on this demo.

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